New Video

It has almost been a year now since we've made our website and blog. They have been so nice to have. We enjoy sharing them with friends and new acquaintances. Here is a video we put together that shows snippets of our past programs.

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

Your choice of cake and meal were fabulously delicious. I wish you had your birthday more often:)

One of our favorite birthday games to play is called "Windbag." Every windbag game is different because dad always changes the rules but the main object of every game is to blow out the candle or candles. It is always a blast!

Oh, no! Betsy, what are you going to do? Your younger brother and sisters are getting taller then you.

Our first programs for the year were at our local elementary schools. We always love sharing our music with children.


Getting ready for the new year by setting goals??? You would think so but not here... we are practicing, practicing, practicing. We have some big programs coming up this spring.

There is plenty of room for everyone to play around! hahaha John is giving dance lesson to the family.

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

I think Katie savored every last bite of her birthday cake. She will be leaving for India soon. She is going to spend probably the next six months over there working on a building project. We will miss her sooooooooo much!

Nature is so majestically beautiful!

I hope the bunnies are warm in there.

Deep, deep, deep, snow. We we all excited. This was the second time we've had a snow storm this year.

Last year our wonderful neighbors next door bought us a snow blower. It helps a lot!

Betsy shoveling out the neighbors porch! We all enjoy going around the neighborhood and shoveling people's walk ways.
"When ye are in the service of your fellow men ye are only in the service of your God"

Looks like the sidewalk is nice and clean of snow. Good job Isaac!

While the boys were probably enjoying a snowball fight. Marilee made sure the bunny cages were dug out and that they were acclimating well with the snow.

These times we have together as a family our precious moments. It is taking the time to notice and observe the simple but important things of our lives.

Building Update!

This should be voted as the funniest picture of the month! Where there is a break time, there is always creative ways to find enjoyment... like teeter-tatoring on debris.

How is it? Isaac is testing out the new bench he help make with Seth.

Good Job Seth and Isaac! They look good so far.

Oh Boy! We got plenty of tile.

We are excited about laying this tile down. It has a lot of character and variation.

John and Seth go in the morning and lay tile for couple hours. Little by little it is starting to take shape. The plan is that they start at the front door and are making a pathway to the back of the room.

Dancing or sweeping? Well whatever you are doing you have good style!

Endless cement mixing. I think there is around 1500 square feet of tile and cement. Seth and John will be experts by the time they finish this big project. What a wonderful job they are doing.

Knees hurting yet? It is looking good boys! You are almost there! I can see the back of the wall.

On Saturday's we all try to spend time helping John and Seth with the tile. Cleaning all the excess cement is the next step before putting in the grout. I cannot believe the tile is almost done. Although there is still a lot more to do on the building this will be a relief to have done.

The Lord has blessed our lives so much. We hope that we can dedicate and use the building for His work and glory!