Survived Boot Camp!!

For the past 7 weeks Betsy, Joseph, Seth, Graham, and John have been going every morning to an exercise program (BOOT CAMP). It has been a challenging 7 weeks for them all. The first and most challenging thing was for them to wake up at 5:30 in the morning:)

On the last day of boot camp they made up a fun parody for warm ups.  We had Kimball video record it upstairs:

All together in front of our big red van. The Lord has blessed us immensely. 

After one of our programs we stopped to visit and tour an organic farm. It was very educational. It never really crossed our minds that raw milk can be healthy and safe to drink. If you think about it that is all they used to use for thousands of years. Pasteurization is not necessarily needful if you raise and feed your cows the right things. It all about going back to the basics.

Marilee was in heaven helping out with the animals. 


We've made a lot of progress the past two weeks on the building. 

 Five minute rest!

John tiling the bathroom.

Good job tiling crew!!

This was the first time we performed our new patriotic program. It worked out really well. After the program this down syndrome lady came up crying and gave us all hugs. She was so cute. We are grateful for all the kindred spirits we meet in our path. It fills our hearts with joy to meet such wonderful people. 

We love America!

You better get it figured out before the program starts Seth... We almost had an emergency because we left the music at home. Seth was seeing if he could play it on the accordion but luckily we could purchase online and play it from Kimball's ipad. Thanks Kimball!

The two girls ready to start.

Our x-large size homemade bible for the song "Family Bible"

Ready and excited for some fun music!!

We had a wonderful visit with Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is running for US Senate. He has a strong faith in God and in our country.
"Pat helped start and lead a volunteer, high school youth ministry program in his hometown of Schuyler for 13 years during his 30s and 40s. During these years this program was one of the most prolific in the state. From this experience, Pat learned that leading with truth is what really counts in life and is the only way to build organizations that will have lasting strength.
In early 2011, Pat went full-time in his pursuit of the United States Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Ben Nelson, believing that America needs true leadership from the people, rather than career politicians. He will be a Statesman for Nebraska and the United States of America because of his life, business and leadership skills."

More info:

Happy Birthday Mack!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Uhhhhhhh! where did it go??

It was so fun to baby sit Mack!

Go Macky Boy!

For our St. Patrick's Day program Joseph told the real story of St. Patrick life and ministry. We were all inspired by his dedication to the Lord.

For this program we really just played a lot of songs we already knew but put in a few Irish songs that we had not done before. The program turned out nicely.

We went and played for the Lion's Club pancake supper. Two thumbs up for the meal!

Oh Boy! Here comes busy April.

Wow Graham! I knew you liked looking through binoculars but not that much.

A new look!

I cannot believe it is March already and I am still posting February pictures.

Why are you looking so scared? Did you mess up???

Hey Graham, look at how Joseph is doing it. Good job painters!!

Valentine program! Luckily are matching ties are pink. It is hard to find 10 ties that are all the same color and style. I think we bought these pink ones online special.

Wow Betsy! was that your friend you graduated with from high school way back when???

Too bad Seth it's all gone. Hahaha!! It looks like that was your third or fourth fun-size pie cup from what I see on your plate.

The meal was great! See the smiles:)

Our good friend Curtis was giving us guitar lessons while we were setting up and putting down the instruments.

Having fun tuning up and jamming in the corner.

Although bells are hard to get exactly right, I think we did okay this time.

Now that we have been playing and visiting these people for three years regularly, they have all become our dear friends.

We always enjoy visiting Covey, Melody, and Mack in Omaha.