April Update

Like our new ties?? I think it was at this program we put together a song right before the program. It was amazing how it all worked out. God was very kind to us. 

Corn is coming up fast!

Mothers Day program practicing.

We love how we have this large space to practice. The picture below shows us all practicing in our living room at home. This is what we did for about a year. It really make a big difference. 

We had a wonderful time playing at the duck run. 

Marilee of course did her job well. She found some animals to be with. 

Playing background music at the Y for the duck run. Luckily we got a corner next to the building where we had shade. 

After playing a hour and a half we got out the soccer ball out and enjoyed the rest of the evening kicking the ball around with most of the kids. 

Happy Birthday Betsy!!

We went to Omaha early in the morning so we had the inside of the van all decorated. I think Graham even made a birthday booby-trap card. His birthday note was reeled up in the seat belt so when she pulled out her seat belt the birthday note came out. Clever Graham!   

 This was Dad's idea. 

 19 years old!! 

 Homemade ice-cream made with raw milk. For any of you who have never tasted raw milk ice cream, it is absolutely to die for!! It is amazingly creamy!!

For one of Betsy's projects in college she had to write he own song. It was very well done!