Downeast Maine

One of the highlights in our lives was the opportunity for each of us to spend time in Maine over a period of a couple years (2005-2006).  Covey got a job working as a Americorps volunteer at Harrington Health Center and Katie ended up completing her CMA internship at the same clinic then hired on as a CMA. David, Betsy and Seth moved out to be with them for 5 months to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. The rest of the family came to visit for a couple weeks. We met wonderful people who showed us the best of Maine during all seasons of the year. We spent 2 weeks on Nash Island with, our friends, the Wakeman family and watched over the sheep during lambing season. It was heaven!

"...blessed is the name of our God; for behold, it is he... that has done this great thing for us."