Random Catch Up!

Its been a long time since I have sat down and actually focused on getting caught up, so that will be the purpose of this blog post!  So here it goes...

We have an announcement to make! We are actually doing something that I never thought that we would do... we are making a our own CD! Since we've never done a CD before we thought we would keep it simple so it is only going to be a recording with Betsy(fiddle), Seth(bass/accordion), and Graham(guitar).

Mr. Pfiel has his own sound recording system. We are really thankful that he would take so much time to help us get this CD. 

CD cover shoot out.

David is making so much progress:) Even after being away two years he has not lost his touch as a performer. He makes us laugh so much. hahahaha

I guess your not a hillbilly until you've tried playing the fiddle.

There was a lot of break time in between performances. We made sure that it did not go to waste... 

Happy Birthday Graham!! 

If you haven't heard the maggie dear song, you've got to look it up... one of our favorites.
Here's a link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XvJPSRXWPI

We went to the Visitor Trail Center in Omaha, NE and decided to be pioneers. 

We enjoyed sharing our music at the Y. Over the past two years of being members we have made a lot of good friends. 

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