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Last week was also very eventful because we spent most of the week camping out at a national music festival at LeMars IA. What a fantastic experience! Here are some snapshots of our week.

When we got to the fair grounds where the festival was being held we were blessed to get a spot that provided some shade from the blistering sun. I think that this was one of the last shady areas left. The temperature was very dry and hot (it was over 100 F a couple of the days). But with our van and our instruments in the shade we were ready to set up camp.

Here is a side view of our private camp ground.

 It was pretty windy all week long and Graham did a great job staking the tents down, because they didn't fly away (or maybe there were enough people in the tents that they couldn't blow away :) 

 After our camp was all set up we enjoyed touring the fair grounds...

 We met a lady who had spun everything from silk worms to raccoons. 
She had a basket of very bright colored yarn and she told us that she dyed the yarn with Koolaid and Jello. 

There were ten stages at the festival and musicians played non-stop the whole time we were there! 

After meeting some of our friends and getting familiar with the surroundings we were shocked out of our comfort zone when we were asked to play on the main stage in the place of someone who had not showed up. Well gathering our courage we stepped out on the stage and faced our audience of literally 7 people. (well I didn't really expect more people than that at 11:30 at night)... We played until midnight and then hit the sack totally exhausted.

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